Jeff Hamner has been nominated to receive financial help from Angels Touch Inc, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

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Let’s help Jeff Hamner in his time of need. Jeff has dedicated countless hours of his life helping nonprofits, churches and businesses with their Internet Technologies, Audio, Visual and other technical needs, enabling those organizations to reach and help more people.

Jeff is facing serious health issues, one of which is a liver transplant as his liver is failing. He is currently unable to work due to his health condition. He is applying for short -term disability with his employer. Jeff is also starting the rigorous process of qualifying to get on the liver transplant list.

Jeff has health insurance, however, we all know there will be an excess of medical bills as well as living expenses as he goes through this entire process. With our help, Jeff can focus on preparing for his transplant journey without the added stress and worry of pending medical bills.

Please donate to help Jeff. You may donate any amount you wish.

Tammera, Jeff’s wife created a Facebook group to keep friends, family, and loved ones up to date on Jeff’s status as he goes through this process.

Help Jeff Hamner in his time of need.

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