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Dear Friends, Family and Supporters,

We hope this finds you well. We want to update you on Sarah’s progress and ask for your support as she faces new challenges. For the past fifteen years, Sarah has struggled with multiple complex and rare neurological, immune, and endocrine conditions, many of which went undiagnosed for years. This ultimately led to her becoming mostly bedridden in 2015, just one year after she graduated from college.

She has endured three out-ofstate neuro- and vascular surgeries in as many years, each bringing her closer to a fuller life. The most recent surgery, a styloidectomy and cranial nerve and jugular vein decompression, was initially successful, but Sarah’s recovery has been a rollercoaster. Many of her initial improvements faded. Some symptoms remain better and she is able to be up for longer each day. However, the intracranial hypertension persists and limits her ability to function as well as hoped post-op. She will be consulting a pituitary specialist in Kansas as well as following up with three of her specialists in Denver in September.

Sarah moved to a colder, more arid climate at the recommendation of her doctors several years ago. Her mast cell disorder and overall health improved, and she did well in her current housing until a roof leak occurred and wasn’t repaired properly. Mold growth in the aftermath has complicated Sarah’s recovery, and she will need to replace some of her belongings again that can’t be washed. For over three years, Sarah’s housing has been paid for by a voucher, but after a long, arduous search, she has been unable to locate a better rental that will accept the voucher. She will have to pay for other housing out of her limited resources.

Her monthly disability income is $1,088, over half of which already goes to medical expenses. Sarah needs suitable housing, a place to live free from the threat of mold and leaks. She also needs a reliable means of transportation to regain some mobility and independence as she looks for housing. The total estimated cost for this transition over the next year is $40,000 (see below). This amount will help cover housing, transportation, medical expenses and experimental treatments not covered under insurance.

We invite you to be a part of Sarah's recovery. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a tangible impact in her life.  With much gratitude, The Murdock's

Sarah's Anticipated Expenses:

Housing $800-1100/mo

Reliable vehicle $???

Up Coming Doctors Visits

Endocrinologist trip to Kansas $520

Medical trip to Denver $1340

Ongoing Medical Expenses:

Monthly Medication $500+ Dollars per month.

Let's help Sarah in her time of need!

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