Alice Pritchard has been nominated to receive financial help from Angels Touch Inc, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

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Alice is a self employed hair stylist as well as a wife and mother of two sons ages 16 and 7. She is currently in ICU at St. Joseph’s hospital in Atlanta. This is her 10th hospital stay in 2021!

Her condition is a rare vascular disease known as coronary microvascular disease also known as small artery disease. This is a disease in which the walls of the small arteries are damaged and stop dilating properly. This causes starvation of oxygen rich blood to the heart. She has suffered a mild heart attack with two stents and catheterizations this year, and is still having severe complications.

The family functions on two incomes and due to the number of extended hospital stays they have been challenged financially in a significant way. Her husband Tim is a martial arts instructor and lost his job due to Covid-19 to add to the financial strain.

Let’s help Alice in a time of need. Anything you’re able to give will go toward medical care to improve her quality of life and ability to function.

Please donate to help Alice. You may donate any amount you wish.
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