People We Help, Personaly

Finding special need cases are mostly by referrals. These are some of the people we help directly with your support.

These people have been nominated to receive financial help from
Angels Touch Inc, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

Glen Miller

Let’s help Glen Miller in his time of need. Glen has spent the majority of his life helping others in need either by his daily interactions or by his years of volunteering and dedication to marriage and life-help non-profit organizations.

Dana Toney-Heartman

Let’s help Dana Toney-Heartman in her time of need. Dana has dedicated her life to helping couples and individuals find a healing in their lives and relationships.

Sarah Murdock

Let’s help Sarah Murdock in her time of need. If you’ve followed Sarah’s health challenges over the years, you know that she’s made progress seeing different specialists, moving to a drier climate, and recently having a cranio-cervical fusion.

Jeff Hamner

Let’s help Jeff Hamner in his time of need. Jeff has dedicated countless hours of his life helping nonprofits, churches and businesses with their Internet Technologies, Audio, Visual and other technical needs, enabling those organizations to reach and help more people.

Join us in bringing hope and help to others in times of need.